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XBRL – what is it?

eXtensible Business Reporting Language is a widely used open standard for the exchange of business information in the world. XBRL allows you to express using semantic means common to market participants and regulatory authorities requirements for the presentation of business reports. XBRL is used by all G20 countries, aswell as by a number of OECD countries.

XBRL Core Principles

The transition to XBRL marks the transition from a formocentric to a data-centric approach. That is, organizations are collecting and transmitting not specific limited reporting forms, but a multidimensional data array generated by a special taxonomy (architecture). From it, information for regulatory and managerial purposes can be extracted in the necessary context, while duplication of data is excluded, their accuracy and accessibility are increased. The goal is the maximum implementation of XBRL - full automation of the collection and formation, transmission of data on the performance of various forms.

The structure of XBRL is determined by taxonomy - it is a system of principles and rules for the classification and systematization of metadata, a data model, description of reporting forms, the procedure for their formation and inter-form control. Something similar to a multi-level rubricator.

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