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The main facts about Section 16

Our company offers you the ideal scheme for processing documents for section 16 with a full range of services. This enables officials, directors, shareholders and firms to draw up, manage and submit documents under section 16 (forms 3, 4 and 5). Our turnkey solution provides you with specialized support for regulatory compliance.

What is Section 16?

Section 16 is a section of the Securities Act of 1934, which is used to describe the various regulatory responsibilities that must be performed by directors, officers, and major shareholders. According to Section 16, each person who directly or indirectly holds beneficial ownership of more than 10% of the company, or who is the director or officer of the issuer of such a security, submits the applications required by this subsection to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Application Requirements

Section 16 requires that closed company insiders electronically fill out Forms 3, 4, and 5. The SEC required form 3 to be submitted, which is the initial beneficial ownership statement if it is an initial public offering of shares or debt securities, or the person becomes director , an official or owner of 10% of the company. New directors and officers, as well as important new shareholders, must submit Form 3 within 10 days. If significant changes have occurred in the company’s insider funds, they must submit Form 4 to the SEC. In addition, in accordance with Section 16, Form 5 must be submitted by an insider who conducted the equity transaction during the year if it had not previously been submitted in Form 4.

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